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Saturday, January 12, 2013

King of Dramas - My Final Thoughts

Go-eun: “Even though he’s just a third-rate producer now, he’s forever the king of dramas in my mind.”

King of Dramas was one of the dramas that kept me hooked and on edge, every time it ended each episode. The anticipation for the next one was so high and the pace of the story was great. There is always positivity in every bad situation. The lead role, Anthony, may not be my actual dream of a handsome lead actor, it's more like Kang Hyun Min [Choi Siwon] but Kim Myung Min as Anthony gave a very great performance on his role. He may have presented a cool guy, not romantic and has a lot of baggage, still, his charm wove into me and found him cute specially whenever there is Go Eun in the same scene. 

I like how the lack of romance builds up later, even though I felt the electricity or how Go Eun connects with Anthony without effort every time they were together, but the only thing that made me a little bit off was how the writer of the story went and made it dramatic, which personally, should not have been. I had watched World's Within and it has the same story of the lead actor suffering an eye problem that could lead to blindness. The only difference, Hyun Bin did not go blind. 

I was really looking for a more romantic scene, a happy ending [though it has] and a more successful couple in the movie industry, but, well, I guess they want it to be as realistic and positive as the story can be. That total happiness doesn't depend on success alone and anyone can be totally happy and content even if you are disable and with the one you love the most.

This ending of the drama is fine because it lets the viewer think of what is the most important in life.

Anyway, after battling all the problems, even letting his chance of treating his eyesight, Anthony who puts his drama first got what he dreamed of. A successful drama. Even the couple Hyun Min and Min Ah who were always fighting became a real couple in the end and even do business together as CF couples.  

Choi Siwon's character may not be what I hope for but he sure gave the character a nice touch. His quirky and realistic portrayal of what some actors in the field must be like, somehow it gave me laughter and smiles. So what's wrong in being all material and ambitious? It is reality. People tend to be this way when popularity made them. The nice part, Hyun Min get his happy ending.

I love how King of Dramas wrapped up in the end. There is forgiveness, there is humility and most of all, it told how the world is. It's round, sometimes you are up, sometimes you are down. If you think that you will always be on top, then you are wrong.

What happened to Anthony happened to Oh Jin Wan. :))

Well, that's life. That's reality. No one can predict and can hold on to something that fate can reverse.

For now, I can say that King of Dramas is one of the good dramas I watched in 2012. And this is my final thoughts.

-mslee1107 writing-

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