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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Okay, so Jung Woo got to kiss Soo Yeon anytime he wants now, even in front of his aein...Soo Yeon's mom. Now, got to say, PDnim and writer are both giving us sweet romance of these two for the last 6 episodes now and I really wonder if this is to make many memorable scenes of these two and then give us a sad ending? Oh no...jebal! I can't help but think this way when they insert the prolouge in last episode where Jung Woo was lying somewhere that looks like an abandoned warehouse with a wound shot on his temple. 

Anyway, I am hoping that it won't happen...please writer and PDnim. Don't make me cry in the end. Just give us a happy and sweet ending.:))

Just to continue with the screencaps, because the subs will not be up till.. I hope by tomorrow both 18 and 19 will be subbed already so I can write my review. Waiting for the team of I Miss You subbers and thanking them for their hardwork.

Well, the kiss scene again with Soo Yeon's mom present.

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Soo Yeon was brought for investigation.

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