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Monday, August 29, 2011

Kim Hyun Joong at The Person interview: “Being tolerant” is a true man

by 더블에스오공일 (Double S 501)

Source: TVBS TW
English Trans:  http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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For the release of this album, Kim Hyun Joong cut his hair and  changed from his usual flower boy image into a man showing off his masculinity.  But the definition of real men, has significantly reversed the stereotypes, the stereotypes of Korean men.  Korean star Kim Hyun Joong said, “My definition of real man, is not the kind where he has to be very powerful or strong but more of someone who knows how to understand, knows how to commit and have a tolerant heart.  Perhaps he does not really look very masculine on the outside, but to me this the definition a real man.”

While he hope to be a committing, caring man, but Kim Hyun Joong who is so busy with his work, did not deny that in all his relationships usually is the girl who ask for break off.  Now single, when talking about his ideal type, she cannot only knows how to boil water.

Host: You are so busy everyday, eating instant noodles is so easy, you probably did not even get to eat your regular 3 meals, for eg. when you are rushing for your activities, or during filming, you usually eat simply?
HJL: Speaking of this… I am the kind where people gave me anything to eat, I will just eat anything.

Host: You are so easy to maintain, instant noodles also doesnt matter?
HJL: You can even give me instant noodles, as long as can make me full, I am okie with it.

Host: So if the person whom you like, when both of you getting married in future, she only knows how to boil water?
HJL: No way, it will only make me dislike her.

25 years old Kim Hyun Joong, working very hard in the entertainment industry, intitially wanting to settle down after 5 years, he also said that still need to wait, a young chap like him who has full of ideas, his enlightened approach for the future, his charismatic charm will continue to blow across Asia, for more interesting contents, remember to tune in to 8pm THE PERSON at TVBS channel.

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