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Friday, September 2, 2011

channel views surprised me! chongmal!

mslee is surprised and glad!

With a new mobile phone from my brother and sister in law, a Samsung Galaxy next, almost all my accounts in the internet I can keep up with, even when I am not at home. Truly, wifi is a great help nowadays. I can have updates anytime just through my mobile phone.

And they keep on coming..the new followers, new comments from blogs I posts. Just today, another new follower came up from my YT account, commenting on a video, very armature video I once did for my K-POP artists, Kim Hyun Joong with a background song Sometime, a beautiful melody from his former group, SS501(double S501). Seldom do I visit my YT account nowadays coz I am busy updating my 2K-blogs. But today, I decided to play some playlists I have there and was surprised by what I found out!

this is my uploaded video and look closely..you can click the photo for a larger view.
12,850 views and 47likes!
and some comments below, telling how nice the song and it was a song they have been searching for  in the longest time. I uploaded this only this January 2011. just a fanvid.

these really put me in awe for a while!
never thought that this video, one of my first attempts at making videos will gain so much views.


I do plan on making another fanvids but because it takes a lot of time and effort, and editing...I set the idea aside just for now.

well, these thoughts I only want to share.

the video...

Kim Hyun Joong...Sometime

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