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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Playful Kiss Anniversary Special! (translations from tlbpc)

Happy anniversary Playful Kiss!

Been to Oppa/Dongsaeng couple thread, previously MinJoong (PK thread) @soompi and of course, the shippers are all happy and at the same time reminiscing PK. 
As a shipper, this thread keeps me happy and smiling always for all the posts written and shared by my fellow PKissers. They are always ready to share tidbits of infos, translations of videos for those of us who can not understand Korean or Chinese language. And of course very thankful to cheerko and tlbpc (special mention) for the hard work they are doing just for us shippers.:))


Just now another translations were offered and shared by tlbpc just to celebrate the anniversary of PK. From various videos she found interesting enough to share with us. 

Below are her posts. Worthwhile reading.:))

cre: tlbpc @soompi.com/oppa/dongsaeng thread

Thanks to Kyra, I get to watch a few videos and found some interesting stuffs which I can't help but eager to translate them from Chinese to English for sharing with fans here who don't read Chinese, especially since it has been one year already for the wonderful drama, Playful Kiss, that brought HJ and MinMin together.  We ought to thank God for it.  Do bear with me because I omitted some parts and only translate those that I think are more interesting.  
This was from a video on their celebration of completing the filming of PK where the beautiful family photo of SJ, HN and EJ was taken. 
Q: Haera and Hani two characters in comparison, what do you think?
HJ: Hani is Hani, as for the other Haera is also not a bad kid, I like both.  Doesn't matter who'd be my girlfriend, I also like.
Q: Last question, if you get married what are your thoughts? Which type do you like?
HJ: Possibly there will be someone who would want to marry someone like me, that's to be more stable, want to find that one and only girl.  But I'm a very unsteady (that's to say he's unable to commit whole heartedly still, keeps changing his mind
) person, if that's the case, if can be in love till death would be the best.
Now that we have heard what HJ said about marriage, let's hear what MM has to say.

From another video - the filming of JG going to propose to HaNi at the river bank scene.  LTS walked away leaving MM, and the camera-man talked to her.  Here they still call and refer to each other by their character names.
MM : Proposal
Q: How is it?
MM : Really want to get married
Q: Jun Gu or Seung Jo?
MM didn't reply but smile shyly
Q: Personally, not them as actors (How can she answer to this?)
MM: JG is very troublesome, if not being friendly to him, I would mind. (She didn't answer on SJ and walked away)

From another video - After the filming of MM and LTS's last scene together on the swings, TS interview MM and after that MM interview TS.  
TS: Now that the filmings has ended how do you feel about it?
MM: Very lonely....before that was very hard yet managed to persevere to the end
TS: What is most difficult ?
MM: Not enough sleep, if the physical condition is better would have performed better, it's quite a pity
TS: Which is the best HaNi scene?
MM: Many...the kiss in the rain scene is most memorable, my physical condition...filming in the rain, it was very hard and so unforgettable
TS: Is it because of the kiss with SJ?
MM (laughs) : No.....JG is so irritating!
TS: If possible which scene would you want to re-do?
MM: Not one but many I wish could do them again and do it better....some regrettable parts not done well enough and now looking back I still do mind about it
TS: SJ and GJ, what are their appeal?
MM: SJ and his external appearance is different, he has his cute side (I omit what she said of GJ)
TS: How many kissing scenes are there with SJ? .... turn around...yes then?
MM laughed and didn't answer.
TS: With the original author's character and your HaNi are they any difference?
MM: Slightly, I feel that HaNi is more realistic, from manga into a drama, feel that HaNi before SJ showed that she has the character to improve herself 
TS: Done the wedding scene, so when is the real wedding?
MM: Now you ask me, I don't know (laughs)
TS: 22 yrs old?
MM: But I thought of getting married before 30 but really don't know, when there's a suitable person that's when it would be the time.

Later during a part of LTS's interview, he was saying alot in answering a question on the hardship of filming PK
TS: ....like the entire cast of the drama everybody worked very hard, it's actually about individual's inner quality, HN and SJ has filmed throughout the night together many times, both worked very hard and just have to endure to complete it.
(How interesting isn't it these precious insights that I found?)

Here's part of the Osaka PK fan meet video-
MC: The following question seem very important, it's about tv drama PK:The audience feel that it's very difficult, the MC again asked about Japanese manga. 
This time it's MM's turn to find it very hard
HJ at the side kept repeating : Two Piece~~Two Piece~~Two Piece~~ (Was HJ hinting to help or misleading MM?)
HJ : One Piece
MM : Playful Kiss
HJ: one more time
MM: one more time
HJ: Actually it should be PK

MC: Korean singers
Both HJ and MM : SS501
MC: Because it's correct, so no recordings?
HJ: Amm(yes), not recording, but only today I know that SM know the name of my band so well (HJ very happy that MM know so much of his band...keke)

cre as tagged

just want to share with you guys my thoughts as  a shipper also...if you still haven't read what I wrote yesterday:))


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