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Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary...Playful Kiss and to our Oppa/Dongsaeng Couple!!! :)

A year already passed since Playful Kiss syndrome started. With all the updates I am posting, I really forgot to post this one...mianhne. 

Missing my favourite K-drama with my favourite couple, Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo, whose characters I really came to love. Not just watched it once but I did watched it for about 5 times, from episode 1 to 16, without skipping! Plus the 7 webisode @yt.

It became my energy booster whenever I feel down, just looking at both Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong brings a smile...a grin...and happiness to me. They were so cute and so perfect together I am wishing for a second season. Their story though light in the surface has  many positive values and viewers will learn specially the students for being diligent and patient like Ha Ni.

As for Seung Jo...well, this is the drama where I really noticed Kim Hyun Joong as a singer and as an actor. And his gorgeous looks! I watched him in BOF, but since he played only the second lead actor, I was not focused on him then. But it does not mean that I did not notice his appeal. He is one good looking, handsome, pure of charisma guy.

Well, so much for my ramblings...kekekeke...

Photos from Playful Kiss I love and some of my oppa/dongsaeng couple pictures that was already posted before but I will repost them. So what? I love both of them, whether Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo in PK or as Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong in real!

THE KISS...that started it all!

my edited photo

this one credit to Inprz @soompi
love her photos..:))

another moment of SM and HJ:))

credit to a shipper from the thread @soompi
(mianhe..i forgot who shared this pic..will try look into it after I post this)

and of course..cute JSM

and leader drawing an eye..what he looks at in a girl...
(breakdown showcase)

of course..he said in the recent Tokyo FM that he finds So Min's eyes beautiful!:))
coincidence or what??!!

my stylish couple...

Who wouldn't be addicted to these two cute couple? Both having a great chemistry on and off the screen, with all the BTS for us to watch and spazz. They only not have great chemistry but they are comfortable around each other..with all the teasings...the dongsaeng's slaps/touch...oppa's  parry... the laughters..the smiles... cute alien talks(this one made me smile coz apparently, So Min can put up with leader's 4dness! and enjoying it!)...playing on the set with little Eun Jo as a shield..(remember the BTS where KHJ held Eun Jo's hands in a heart shape and throwing it at SM?  with papa Baek catching it for her!)kekeke..HJ telling SM he sleeps naked when it's really hot during their "sleep over shoot"...kekeke... (i wonder why he told her that!), the massage scene...So Min giving Hyun Joong a massage..very sweet of her  and many more!

Playful Kiss will always be my favourite!

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