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Thursday, April 11, 2013

When A Man Loves Episode 3 Screencaps and My Thoughts

Just a short review...

In this episode Tae Sang sent Mi Do alone on vacation. Before this, the hanging question of TS to MD about marriage did not receive favorable answer.

Still yet to watch this with English subtitles for me to comprehend the episode. But judging from the scenes I saw tonight, it is safe to assume that MD is having a great time in Guam. TS was very generous to her and paid for all the expense. Meanwhile Jae Hee was also there and accidentally they met. I think that both MD and JH jive because they are in the same age group.  This is probably the first time MD let go of herself. The first time she had this luxury of being carefree and fun at the same time without minding over money. The first time to enjoy her life as a single woman, but unfortunately, TS was not with her. This precious and unforgettable moment of MD was shared with a new acquaintance/friend who is JH. And this somehow made her comfortable with this sweet guy. Memories from seven years ago of a gentleman who carried the rice bags for her made her realized it was JH.

There lies the difference between these two guy in MD life. One is a young man who is nice to her and the other is this gangster who threatened her dad for the money they owed the company. TS also brought fear in her and the circumstances of the past where she was dragged in front of TS boss. Definitely, her trust would not be given freely to this man, although he was always helping her through out this years. She also knew how attracted he is towards her. But her feelings is yet to be analyzed. I think fear and shame shadowed what could have been her real feelings towards TS. I see she enjoyed his company in the first part of this episode. She was laughing while sharing meals with him. She is very much aware of him. But she has not yet fully understand or know how she feels deep within.

But I'll say that in this episode the writer tells of TS true affection over MD. TS is really into MD and he cares for her. So his intention of marrying her is real. Some question his hurried confession and proposal, but I see it as a man who is ready to settle down because he is tired being alone all this years. MD was a girl he felt attraction way back seven years and now opportunity once again made them meet and his attraction resurfaced. It's natural that he would go for his instinct and what he feels, believing that this is the right moment to propose and take care of her and her financial problems at the same time.

But here comes Baek Sung Joo, who keeps on initiating herself on TS. She is the clingy type who doesn't know how to back off and let go of TS. She professed she loves him but I see her stubbornness of not accepting the fact that TS will not love her or see her as a woman makes her obsessive and sneaky at the same time. She answered the phone call from MD and tell her something that made MD silent. I think this is going to be one of the major reasons why MD will shift her full attention towards JH. At least on JH, there will be no complications, no competition when it comes to attention.

I am loving the flow of the story so far, even though my mind doesn't want complications and twists. But, a good story, a good love story needs them to make it more romantic. Imagine TS getting jealous over JH attention to MD. His incapability of not hurting JH. Well, still speculatins on my part about this. because I know how TS loves Chang Hee and now how he looked after JH.

A bit complicated yes?
Friendship over love.

Well, this is my initial thoughts about tonight's episode. Will try to add more once I watched it subbed.

Screencaps by me...

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