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Thursday, April 11, 2013

KBS, SBS, and MBC to wait for court verdict before determining whether to ban Park Si Hoo from broadcast appearances

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KBSSBS, and MBC will be waiting for the verdict in Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault case before determining whether he will be banned from the broadcasting stations or not.
Yesterday, Go Young Wook was sentenced to 5 years of jail and 10 years of wearing an electronic anklet for engaging in sexual acts with minors and sexual assault. However, even before his official sentence, all three KBS, SBS, and MBC had banned him from entering broadcast stations since May 2012.
However, the broadcast stations seem to be looking at Park Si Hoo’s case in a slightly different light as there are no minors involved, so no bans have been placed on the actor yet. Media outlet Osen called the three broadcast stations, who all gave similar responses stating that they’ll be waiting until the verdict has been reached in the courts.
MBC explained, “When a celebrity has caused a disturbance, we decide on whether to ban that person or not after there is a legal judgement. However, in the case of Go Young Wook, since the issue itself was on sexually assaulting minors, we had decided to ban him from appearing last year.
KBS gave a similar answer, saying, “Since there is no decision, he is currently not a subject under broadcast regulations.” SBS revealed that they will also wait for the verdict and added, “People who have received sentences that are problematic to the society cannot appear on broadcast. We decide depending on common sense.
As mentioned previously, police investigations have been wrapped up for Park Si Hoo’s case, which has been forwarded to the prosecution for review, and a battle in the courts will most likely take place in the following months.
Source: Osen

mslee's thoughts...

This is going to be the first time I will comment briefly on Park Shi Hoo scandal. I believe I am a fan of his dramas, 2 of them particularly. The Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man. I love both dramas. About Park Shi Hoo, there was a time when I wrote here in my blog that I can't get enough of him, that's because I fell for his character in Prosecutor Princess. And sometimes when I chanced upon an article or news about him, I'd share them here.

I am foremost a k-drama addict. I learn to like actors and actress thru the drama and character they portray. besides my biases, so far I am not really in any position to judge them on how they live their life. I don't know them well.

This particular case of Park Shi Hoo is a wake up call for all celebrity in Korea. I know how strict they are when it comes to dating and even divulging personal things about the artists that concerns love relationship. I think this is the reasons why most actors or actresses are living a very restricted life, while some resorted to doing things that are putting them in a bad light, morally and socially unaccepted.

I have followed and read this case of PSH in other sites and blogs and two extreme opinions are really dividing the netizens. I will just share my own without prejudice.

Rape issue is a heinous crime  and it will never be acceptable for me as a woman.

I am willing to wait for the verdict of this case. But reading all speculations, all evidences, all that has happened prior and after the night of Feb. 14 and 15 2013, I want to say that PSH made a big mistake that night. A  huge mistake he will forever be remorseful. It's a thin line between rape and having different judgment call on that moment. He did not use his head... And as for the victim...she also made a mistake by trusting 2 men. I can safely say that both made a very terrible mistake that night. Lives will forever be tarnished. And they did it to themselves. So sorry for the both of them. I wish them inner peace.

I don't think PSH will ever recover from this scandal even if he will be acquitted. His career is forever gone, in Korean entertainment standard. If it happened to a Hollywood star or even here in my country, he can make amends after acquittal and after sometime, can pick up where he left off his career.

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