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Monday, April 8, 2013

Jang Ok Jung Episode 1 Screencaps

I was late tuning in so started my screencaps almost halfway already. Will wait for the English sub before I share my thoughts.

I watched Dong Yi and Jang Hee Bin aka Jang Ok Jung is a greedy mistress/concubine turned queen, although she loved the King but her greediness overpowered her. I hope I will see the woman behind that character while watching this drama. The love story of JOK and King Sook Jung / then Lee Soon.

Characters Kim Tae hee was casted in Jang Ok Jung. Yoo Ah in was casted in Lee Soon. Hong Soo Hyun was casted in Queen, In Hyun. Jae hee was casted in Hyun Chi Soo. Lee Sang Yeop was casted in Lee Hang who is a cousin of Lee soon. Han Seung Yeon was casted in Choi musuri, the king's concubine.

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