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Friday, August 5, 2011

PK Talk Cut...translated 3

I am trying to share all the translations I find @soompi, so forgive me if I may be reposting some parts again. There hasn't been a  video of the whole event so far that is why our friends @soompi are trying their best to translate parts of videos only available at a time. Mini videos are all we have for now, all are fancams from the event and translations are based on them, whenever they are uploaded randomly. But it's good that everyone is sharing their accounts and fancams. KOMOWO CHINGUS!!!

video uploaded by ridamasa
translated by jangkijjang @soompi.com


following is on part 1...below is only what khj and jsm say since my japanese is very limited.

khj:  yes.  pass.  (i can't quite follow what he's passing on answering.  someone with good japanese could translate the host's question.)
jsm:  i feel like i shouldn't pass on it too...uh ng's...in hyunjoong oppa's case, he had a lot of long lines and he found that to be a bit difficult.  ah in my case, once, there was a scene where he was tutoring and i was bragging about something i do better than he.  i was supposed to name all super junior members quickly and although i knew all the names, it was confusing because i had to do it fast pointing out the faces.  i had a lot of ng's for the first time with that.
jsm:  oh but if it were ss501 i could probably do it faster.
khj:  of course.  there are only 5 members.
host:  besides isn't there any secret of hyunjoongsan that only sominsan knows?
jsm:  uh...
khj:  pass.
jsm:  he says to pass.
khj:  daijobu-des.  zenzen daijobu-des.
khj:  well i probably would've said the same.  if there's someone i like i can't talk or i have a tendency to say the opposite.
khj:  this was the first scene shot after seeing each other not many times.  this was the second meeting with sominssi, first time acting with her after the daydream scene.  (lol he goes back and forth about whether it was the first or the second time meeting her.  he must be confused like his usual forgetful self.)  that time it was really awkward and we started shooting when we hadn't talk to each other at all.  so i was supposed to talk coldly to her but because we weren't really close i felt sorry to do that and i couldn't even say i was sorry.  it was really awkward and i think the scene sort of shows that.
khj:  yes that's right.
jsm:  first shooting was a kiss scene.
khj:  yes first shooting was a kiss scene.
khj:  in the daydreaming scene.
jsm:  (she says something here in the background and i can't make it out.)
khj:  yes that time it wasn't really awkward because it wasn't a mutual kiss.  hani was asleep and seungjo character while she's sleeping gave, not really a kiss but should i say bobo, so it wasn't stressful even though we met for the first time.  it was just a light peck on the lips.

part 2 will follow later.  re; audio file, thanks opiod0101 and an anon who sent me the link!  i just haven't had time to listen to the whole thing yet.  if i hear something interesting that hasn't been translated or with different nuances from what's been circulating, i will try to clarify.  let's enjoy all the moments everyone! 

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