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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Few Translated Part of the PK EVent-110802

Since Playful Kiss fan meeting was held 02 of August, many are dying to know what happened in the event. For those of us who were not there, we are eager to find pics, videos and possibly some good soul who will share with us the English translations of the event. Very thankful for the shippers @ the oppa/dongsaeng thread (hyunmin/joongmin) for posting tidbits about it. Really appreciated much how they shared.

Below are some parts of the "talk" show held in the fan meet. honey_ko and jangkijjang @soompi.com posted some translated parts.

credit to  Anon0205 of simplysomin chatbox 

posted by jangkijjang:

Anon0245: Thank you for sharing the audio file of the evening eventI hope you can find and share also the first one, I translated some parts from Japanese note that my japanese is not perfect so just a rough translation of some parts (M=Min J=Joong)About NG this one was cuteM said that after J had long amounts of dialogue without NG, she NG on the names of the Super Junior (she didn't remember all the names) and she add if it was SS501 it would have been better/more easyJ : Yes, because it's only five! (so less than Super Junior) lolIn this evening event they talked a lot about the kisses scenes lol (will share about it next days, no time now to properly write about it)They showed 4 scenes from PK including the rain kiss and the kiss in the car in the last episode of PK(I sooo would like to see a fancam of them while they were watching these scenes on the monitor!)About the kiss in the car M remember the laughs in the saranghae part (we saw the NG video of it) but in the end they did it in a good way but the scene was cut out!J is so disappointed about it! lol He said something like he said it (I love you) in a very deep/masculine way, with feelings and it was cut out in the editing! so disappointed lolJ : "In the end the saranghae (scene) was not said! (it was cut out)M : " You said it!" (maybe M is trying to say even if the scene was cut out they left the voice of BSJ saying it, not sure)(In the Korean version they left the voice over of BSJ saying I love You, maybe in the jp version was cut out also the voice over, I don't know)

posted by honey_ko

Anon0245: There is so much to say about this event, they are really so comfortable with each other and they are so funny!
The baby-pig thing was in this evening event, before they were asked to say one secret about each other and J said that M is really greedy in eating food lol
(note by me : in a radioshow J said he isn't interested in young girls from music groups and one of the reasons is because they are always on diet lol
Now I know why he said that lol)
When J said that (M greedy for food) M say that one time she was in the waiting room (on PK set) eating an hamburger and J filmed (or photographed) her and she said to him stop recording! lol
Then the MC ask them a kawaii (cute) moment about each other? (
M says again that episode of J snoring like a kitten beside her and she says I like cute kittens ^^
J (here come the baby-pig thing) said "when M eats like a little pig!" lol (so he finds it cute! lol Obviously he was joking)
M's slap and as you have already read he says he was joking, she eats a hamburger like a squirrel eats an acorn! lol
About the words association game this time they were asked Jeju Island (in the afternoon meeting it was "Honeymoon" and they both answered "Jeju Island")
this time both of them answered "Honeymoon" :))
Will translate the others next days, they got 3 answers the same and 3 different, the last question they were asked
MC : Speaking of Dorama Itazura no Kiss (PK drama)...
M : Director
J : Oh Hani (sweet joong!!)
(So for J, PK = Oh Hani, so cute! M answered Director, poor hyunjoong! lol love minmin!)
So because they didn't get the same answer for three questions they had to do the batsu-game (penalty game)
J said let's do it together! lol Like in the afternoon J was a little afraid M was more brave in the end J got it right Tofu! (japanese food)
Hope to have time to translate more the next days because it's really worth it and I hope they will release a dvd of it
If you find the first event share here, will try to translate also it.

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