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Monday, August 1, 2011

KHJ Likes "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz :))

Recently there were many interviews of KHJ and one was at  " SBS Power FM radio show with Jung SunHee " and he was asked to recommend 7 songs that he likes to listen 
Translation credits cheerkoo@KHJ soompi thread"

Song that KHJ enjoys listening in terms of pop song is Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”—He says it is not just a pop song but he considers his song a daily essential for him. He never tires of his song and he listens to him everyday. He thinks Jason Mraz has unique talent that is very pure.
(Actually he emphasized very strongly that one song that he listens everyday and never tire of it no matter what and is like his daily essential is Jason Mraz;s "I am Yours.")

Well,  this tiny bit of info was at oppa/dongsaeng couple thread and it was posted that Minmin also likes the song I'm Yours.

posted by kyra@oppa/dongsaeng thread:

she was asked on August of last year to give her playlist for naver she put JM's " I'm Yours " at number one in her playlist and second JM's " Lucky ".
Here MM playlist for naver last year ^^


Anyway, nothing particular or special about this info , just that both like the song, which is of course, popular and liked by many, just as I do,too.:))

Below is a video of the song with lyrics...I like that KHJ listens to this song everyday and never tire of it! :))

am gonna share what Inprz@soompi posted...of course for our oppa/dongsaeng couple!

and also by kyra@the thread

another one from Inprz

trans and pics cre as labelled

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