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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hyun Joong Teases So Min @Playful Kiss Fan Meet

A couple of screencaps cut from the video shared by Murderer Q
cre: heartprincess @soompi

cre: Jeanneth @soompi.com

What's behind these cute photos and gifs?
Apparently, during the last part of the  video  khj says ...like a baby piggy.  that's why jsm makes the smacking motion:)  then he says he's just kidding.  she ate the burger like a squirrel eating an acorn.

translations by jangkijjang @soompi.com

hahaha...naughty Hyun Joong, teasing So Min like that. I guess, he likes to tease her that much so that he'll get that "predictable smack from his dongsaeng"!!! Anticipating oppa..:)) As heartprincess has commented @the thread, there is that distance separating these two cute couple, still HJ extended his hand to ward off his dongsaeng's slap which was just an instinct action from SM...as if her hands would get HJ's arm. :))


  1. Hello. thanks for doing this! I too have seen the video and the photos. what's interesting is that he had extended his arm all the way out that he was bending over. and his arm stayed out even when So Min had turned away. IMO, that was a crucial indication of his own openness and acceptance towards her = regardless whether as a friend or a potential gf.

  2. @ kakliza:
    thanks for posting your comments. yes, he seemed at ease with SM, and teasing her like that in front of so many audience, means that their "friendship" is deep enough not to make him think before making remarks like that.:))

    if it's somebody else, I don't think he would say something like that.

  3. well, i dunno. i mean, i hope so, because i think that JSM is a sweet and wonderful person and she is God's gift. However, i did see in WGM how KHJ was seemingly comfortable with HB - though she looked more like an older woman...