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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jung So Min at Tokyo Haneda Airport - a fan account

Source : 莹水, Translated by: 默默,  Re-posted from : Baidu HyunSu Bar
trans in Eng by tlbpc @soompi.com/oppa/dongsaeng thread

According to a Japanese fan’s account MM’s plane arrived at Japan local time 2.00pm (China local time 1.00pm) at Tokyo Haneda Airport.  She wore sunglasses and a Mickey MouseT-shirt looking cute like a fairy.  At the airport, there was a fan holding a KHJ book and a pen, that fan thought it was his arrival at the beginning (she didn’t know that he is already in Japan)also there was a fan holding something with KHJ’s face printed on to receive JSM at the airport.  Japanese fans praised her – despite wearing sunglasses but she’s petite and very cute.  She even stop to give autographs, everybody was so moved to tears!  As the number of fans were not few, so the signing took quite a while, she was very tender towards a fan’s daughter, give her an autograph and caressed her head.  Fans wanted to take photos with her but were stopped by the manager!

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I just wish there was a photo of Minmin at the airport... Anyway, today is the anticipated event!!!
Looking forward to it with eagerness:))

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