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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PK Tokyo Fan Meet Moments...KHJ and JSM

Still waiting for more videos and perhaps with English translations or subbs of the fan meeting of PK @Tokyo. Meanwhile, I have been doing some screen caps of the "so far" only video uploaded by Murderer Q. Thankful for always sharing them.
These two lovely couple always put a smile on my face and has yet to disappoint me. Their teasing, the way they look at each other, HJ's helpless staring..hehehe, yes, cameras don't lie, not when they were captured and being watched over and over again, like what I have been  doing now, and how So Min is really comfortable around HJ and unconsciously touching him are enough to make me happy as a shipper.

below are some captured moments of our lovable oppa/dongsaeng couple!

please be advised that the following captions I made are based on my being a shipper. just spazzing over these two cute couple.

video cre as mentioned

he is definitely looking at her...not @ the MC at Minmin's right

I love this portion where HJ seems to be a little bit nervous/afraid of what he has yet to touch inside that box and look at SM laughing so heartily!!

HJ was being cautious and SM decided to give him help (well, maybe she's anticipating HJ's reactions if she pushed his hands inside..naughty girl!)
and predictably, HJ reacted! in a cute way..hahaha, scared Hyun Joong oppa!

and they kept on laughing...

cute facial expressions of HJ...:))

again, the look...

still, talking but never leaving SM's pretty face...(or am I just being a shipper here)

nahhh... he can't help himself:))

and he teases her...:))

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